50th Anniversary Events

Winter 2020 The Life & Legacy of Dr. Isao Fujimoto

We launched our Isao Fujimoto exhibition on January 25th at the International House, Davis. It was an all-day event that honor Dr. Isao Fujimoto, a founding member of the Asian American Studies department and Community Development program devoted in the struggles and well-being of farm laborers and sustainable food practices around the globe. 

In addition to kicking off the exhibition on Dr. Fujimoto's work, this event brought together contemporary Asian American activists working on issues at the core of Dr. Fujimoto's work and showcased the current community-engaged commitments of Asian American Studies faculty. 

We had a great turnout, thank you to our speakers and the members of our community that attended. For those interested in the Isao exhibition, it will be at the International House until February 21st. 

Please look forward and stay tuned for next quarter! We will finish the year with our alumni reunion event on May 16th-17th. 

Fall 2019 Asian American Studies The Field and Its Future Symposium 

On November 16th, though this symposium, we kicked off the UC Davis Asian American Studies Department's 50th anniversary commemoration and celebration!

The all-day event started with a panel of notable Asian American Studies, UC Davis alumni who have pursued careers in education whether it is as scholars, K-12 teachers, student affairs professionals, and the like. 

Moreover, the event later convened ASA advocates and educators in the K-12 system, community colleges and CSUs within the greater Sacramento region and beyond to deepen discussions of topics raised at the CA Senate Select Committee on API Affairs 2017 hearing on the "Status of Asian American Studies in Higher Education". 

Thank you all who participated in this event!