Current Faculty Research Labs and Projects

Asian American Seed Steward (Professor Ga Young Chung)

Anti-Asian Violence: Origins and Trajectories Research Initiative (Professor Susette Min)

New Vietnam Studies Initiative (Professor Kieu Linh Valverde)

George Kagiwada Library and Digital Media Lab (Departmental Initiative)


Past Faculty Research Labs and Projects

Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies (Professor Robyn Rodriquez)

Going Viral: Racism, Asian Americans, and COVID-19 (Professor Robyn Rodriguez)

Women/Non-Binary People of Color Scholars (WOCSI) Inclusion Project (Professor Robyn Rodriguez)

21st Century Coolies? Migrant Labor and the Law Symposium March 16, 2018 (Professor Robyn Rodriguez)

Social Justice, Culture, and (In)Security (Professor Wendy Ho and Professor Sunaina Maira)

Digital Cultures (Professor Sunaina Maira)

Comparative Border Studies (Professor Sunaina Maira)

Asian American Center on Disparities Research


Research Institute and Centers affiliated with ASA faculty

Davis Humanities Institute


Interested in doing research in Asian American Studies? Please check in with our current ASA faculty members and email them if you would like opportunities that align with their own research or you can reach out to our Student Affairs Officer Joe Nguyen at for more information.