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Current Major

Asian American Studies (ASA) Major Requirements

This major applies to all students who matriculated into Asian American Studies during or after Fall 2014.

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Preparatory Subject Matter

ASA 1 Historical Experience of Asian Americans

ASA 2 Contemporary Issues of Asian Americans

ASA 3 Methods in Asian American Studies

ASA 4 Asian American Cultural Studies

Two lower division courses from the following departments: 

African American and African Studies (AAS), American Studies (AMS), Chicana/o Studies (CHI),

Middle East and South Asia Studies (ME/SA), Native American Studies (NAS),

Women and Gender Studies (GSW).

32 units

4 units

4 units

4 units

4 units

8 units


Select two courses from any of the following methods courses:

  • AAS 101 Intro to Research in Afro-American Community
  • AMS 100 Methods in American Studies
  • ANT 13 Scientific Method in Physical Anthropology
  • AHI 100 Art Historical Methods
  • AHI 5 Intro to Visual Culture
  • ART 10 Introduction to Art Appreciation
  • ART 30 Introduction to Contemporary Visual Culture
  • CHI 23 Qualitative Research Methods
  • ENL 42 Approaches to Reading
  • ENL 110A Intro to Literary Theory
  • ENL 110B Intro to Modern Literature and Critical Theory
  • HIS 101 Intro to Historical Thought and Writing
  • HDE 120 Research Methods in Human Development
  • NAS 46 Orientation to Research in Native American Studies
  • PHI 5 Critical Reasoning
  • POL 51 Scientific Study of Politics
  • PSC 41 Research Methods in Psychology
  • SOC 46A Introduction to Social Research
  • SOC 46B Introduction to Social Research
  • STA 13 Elementary Statistics
  • WMS 104 Feminist Approaches to Inquiry

8 units















Depth Subject Matter


Choose at least six upper division Asian American Studies courses

  • ASA 100 Asian American Communities
  • ASA 102 Theoretical Perspectives in Asian American Studies
  • ASA 112 Asian American Women
  • ASA 113 Asian American Sexuality
  • ASA 114 Asian Diasporas
  • ASA 115 Multiracial Asian Pacific American
  • ASA 116 Asian American Youth
  • ASA 121 Asian American Performance
  • ASA 130 Asian American Literature
  • ASA 131 Ethnicity, Culture, and the Self
  • ASA 132 Health Issues Confronting Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
  • ASA 140 Asian Americans and Media
  • ASA 141 Asian Americans & the Political Culture of Fashion in U.S. & Asia
  • ASA 150 Filipino American Experience
  • ASA 150B Japanese American Experience
  • ASA 150C Chinese American Experience
  • ASA 150D Korean American Experience
  • ASA 150E Southeast Asian American Experience
  • ASA 150F South Asian American History, Culture, & Politics
  • ASA 155 Asian American Legal History
  • ASA 189A Topics in Asian American Studies-History
  • ASA 189B Topics in Asian American Studies-Culture 
  • ASA 189C Topics in Asian American Studies-Health
  • ASA 189D Topics in Asian American Studies-Policy & Community
  • ASA 189E Topics in Asian American Studies-Comparative Race Studies
  • ASA 189F Topics in Asian American Studies-Asian and Asian American Studies
  • ASA 189G Topics in Asian American Studies-Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
  • ASA 189H Topics in Asian American Studies-Society and Institutions
  • ASA 189I Topics in Asian American Studies-Politics and Social Movements
  • ASA 194/195 Senior Thesis**
  • ASA 198 Directed Group Study (1-5 units)***
  • ASA 199 Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates (1-5 units)***

Elective Courses

Select two upper-division courses from other departments or programs. 

36-44 units

4 units

24 units






















8 units

Total Required Units: 

68 units

* ASA 192 is a required, along with an external community internship. See internship requirement page for more information

**ASA 194 & ASA 195 is a series of courses taken consecutively in two quarters; students enrolling in ASA 194 must also enroll in ASA 195 the following quarter to complete the series.

***Up to 6 units in ASA 198 and/or ASA 199 can be used to satisfy the Asian American Studies upper division course requirements.

2 courses (of up to 8 units) from Study Abroad can be substituted for major requirements upon approval from the SAO or faculty advisor.