Internship Program


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Learning objectives of the internship program:

  • To better enable Asian American studies majors (currently enrolled and prospective) to obtain practical educational experience; this will complement and enhance the traditional curriculum.
  • To aid the student in the exploration of potential career opportunities in the fields of teaching, research, government service, health, community advocacy, journalism, business, public policy, law, social services, etc., as well as assist students in clarifying personal, professional and educational goals in various disciplines.
  •  To give students the opportunity to put classroom learning into practice and to connect them with the
  • API community surrounding UC Davis and beyond.


Obligations of the Student:

To earn a minimum of 4 units (2 per quarter) for this course the student is expected to do the following:

  • To attend a total of 4 internship workshops that have been chosen from the approved workshops list  (or have been approved by the instructor). Attendance of the workshops can be completed over the course
  • of two quarters.
  • To perform a minimum of 120 service hours (these can be completed over the course of the entire academic year and with approval, over the summer, but internship hours needs to be logged as discussed below). This must be an external internship in that the internship site must be an organization, institution, or agency that is not on the main UC Davis campus.
  • Submit a detailed contract that outlines the scope of work that the internship will cover that has been agreed upon and signed by the student along with the field supervisor and the ASA Faculty Internship Adviser. It is highly recommended that the student come up with a specific project that they can work on over the course of the internship based on the internship site’s needs.
  • To check in with Faculty Internship Adviser (the instructor of record) 4 times over the course of the internships. 1) During Fall quarter to review internship options and to plan for selecting an internship; 2) upon completion of the contract; 3) at the mid-point of the internship; and 4) at the conclusion of the internship. At the mid-point of the internship, you will be expected to have already completed 60 hours of internship work (the log should be filled out). At the fourth and final meeting with Faculty Internship Adviser, the student will be required to do a brief presentation on the project that was completed during the course of the internship. At this meeting, the student is also to submit the Internship Time Log and the Field Supervisor Evaluation Form, both of which must be signed by the Field Supervisor.
  • To write a regular blog post or diary entry reflecting on the internship experience. The posts or entries should be made at least after every 10 hours of internship experience for a minimum of 12 posts or entries. IMPORTANT: The post or entry must relate the internship experience to what you have learned in the ASA courses.
  • To submit a sample resume at the end of the internship that captures the skills gained from the experience.  This resume must be submitted prior to the final meeting.

It is highly recommended that students who plan on doing an internship adhere to the following timeframe:

  • Fall quarter: Attend ASA workshop and relevant workshops at the Internship and Career Center to locate an appropriate internship site. Contracts should be signed before the end of the Fall quarter and submitted to Faculty Internship Adviser in a face-to-face meeting.
  • Winter quarter: Internship work should commence. Student should attend 3 workshops on the recommended workshops list. By the end of the quarter, students should have completed their mid- internship face to face meeting with Faculty Internship Adviser.
  • Spring quarter: Internship work should be completed by the end of the term. The final face to face meeting and presentation should be scheduled and completed by the end of the term.