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The Department of Asian American Studies (ASA) is a vital part of the UC Davis landscape. It provides students with a vigorous interdisciplinary education and prepares them for careers ranging from teaching, research, government, advocacy, and law to public health, journalism, and business. This program educates students about the unique history and social issues relevant to Asia America. The department is also committed to empowering Asian Americans and their allies by supporting community events, student projects and organizations.

We appreciate the long standing support from our alumni and friends of ASA. If you would like to make a donation to any of following funds below, please contact the ASA ChairIf you would like to donate directly to the department, please click here for our secure online donation page.

Isao Fujimoto Student Support Fund 

The goal of this fund is to support ASA student activities including, but not limited to, internships, research related travel, etc. If you would like to donate directly to this fund,  please go to

Professor Steffi San Buenaventura Filipino Archives Project

Before Professor Buenaventura passed away in Nov 2002, she planned to create an Asian/Filipino American archive that consisted of first-hand documents, pictures, correspondences and published materials in the Shields Library Special Collections. She has received these items from the Filipino Federation of American and early Filipino immigrants in Los Angeles. Help us preserve these important materials for future research.

George Kagiwada Reserves Library Fund

This fund supports the maintenance and development of the George Kagiwada Reserves Library, located in Hart Hall.

Isao Fujimoto Community Action Fund

Established by ASA in the name of Isao Fujimoto, emeritus founder of Asian American Studies, this fund supports the training and contribution of students towards community organizing and community building.

  • To encourage UC Davis students in gaining community development skills.
  • To financially support UC Davis students to participate in workshops, conferences, internships, research or other leadership opportunities.
  • To support UC Davis students in applying their skills, gained in a leadership opportunity (conference, internship, research, etc.), by developing a community building/organizing project on campus.

Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies Fund 

The Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies Initiative (BCFSI) aims to continue Carlos Bulosan’s legacy by advancing research, education, and advocacy for historical and contemporary issues faced by Filipinos in the United States, the Philippines, and abroad. Under the direction of Dr. Robyn Rodriguez (Professor and Chair of the UC Davis Department of Asian American Studies) the BCFSI seeks to establish both a physical and digital institution at the UC Davis campus. The Center’s focus will stretch across multiple disciplines and fields, such as public policy, sociology, cultural studies, history, public & economic health.​ If you would like to donate directly to this fund, please go to

New Viet Nam Studies Initiative Fund

The New Viet Nam Studies Initiative promotes research in the science and social sciences on contemporary Viet Nam, domestically and internationally, with focus on economic and political development in addition to arts and culture. One of our ASA faculty member, Dr. Kieu-Linh Valverde is the Director for the Initiative. If you would like to donate directly to this fund,  please go to