Resources on the Situation in Palestine and Israel

ASA Resources and Reading List (as of October 18, 2023)

This page is a working list of recommended resources that offers some critical context on the situation going on in Palestine-Israel and introduces keywords such as settler-colonialism, decolonization, and militarism.

Beginning with the Third World Liberation Front Strike of 1968 @ San Francisco State University, Asian American Studies has been committed in critiquing the long history of imperialism, militarism, and settler colonialism in the United States, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East/West Asia.  Asian American Studies here at UC Davis is situated on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Patwin peoples, and with this awareness, we are committed in addressing settler-colonialism and supporting decolonial movements.

We hope the list below provides a useful starting point to understand the relationship between Asian American Studies and what’s going on in Palestine and Israel, but it is just a starting point. We will be updating it from time to time. If you notice a key article/book/blog/podcast missing from our list or something is incorrectly cited, please let us know by emailing us at

Histories and Context


Asian American Studies: Building Solidarities and Community with Palestine and other Decolonization Movements

Keywords on Settler Colonialism, Imperialism, Militarism


(As of 10/17/23, some of these e-books books from Haymarket Press—marked with ( * )—can be downloaded for free)

  • Omar Barghouti, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (*)
  • Sunaina Maira, Boycott: The Academy and Justice for Palestine
  • Sumaya Awad and Brian Bean, eds., Palestine: A Socialist Introduction (*)
  • Steven Salaita, Inter/Nationalism: Decolonizing Native America and Palestine
  • Maryam Griffin, Vehicles of Decolonization: Public Transit in the Occupied West Bank
  • Adam Hanieh, Lineages of Revolt. Issues of Contemporary Capitalism in the Middle East. 
  • Jehad Abusalim, Jennifer Bing, et al., eds., Light in Gaza (*)
  • Edward Said, The Question of Palestine
  • Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
  • Sa’ed Atshan, Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique
  • Jennifer Kelly, Invited to Witness: Solidarity Tourism across Occupied Palestine
  • Mohammed El Kurd, Rifka
  • Jasbir Puar, The Right To Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability
  • Sunaina Maira, Jil Oslo: Palestinian Hip-Hop, Youth Culture, and the Youth Movemen

Podcasts & Blogs

Additional Reading Lists