Minor Requirements

Preparatory Subject Matter (8 units)
Choose from:

ASA 001 Asian American History 
ASA 002 Contemporary Issues of Asian Americans
ASA 003 Social and Psychological Perspectives of Asian Americans
ASA 004 Asian American Cultural Studies

Depth Subject Matter (20 units)
Any 5 courses from the following list:

ASA 100 Asian American Communities  

ASA 131 Ethnicity, Culture and the Self

ASA 102 Theoretical Perspectives of Asian Am Studies    

ASA 141 Asian American & the Political Culture of Fashion in U.S. and Asia

ASA 112 Asian American Women             

ASA 150 Filipino American Experience

ASA 113 Asian American Sexuality           

ASA 150B Japanese American History

ASA Asian Diasporas      

ASA 150C Chinese American Experience

ASA 115 Multicultural Asian Pacific Am. Issues   

ASA 150D Korean American Experience

ASA 116 Asian American Youth 

ASA 150E Southeast Asian American Experience

ASA 121 Asian American Performance   

ASA 150F South Asian American History, Culture & Politics

ASA 130 Asian American Literature         

ASA 155 Asian American Legal History

Topics in Asian American Studies:

ASA 189A History            

ASA 189F Asian Studies and Asian American Studies

ASA 189B Culture            

ASA 189G Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality

ASA 189C Physical and Mental Health    

ASA 189H Society and Institutions

ASA 189D Policy and Community             

ASA 189I Politics and Social Movements

ASA 189E Comparative Racial Studies     

1-4 Unit Variable Courses: No more than 4-units of internship can be taken toward major requirements
ASA 192 Internship
ASA 198 Directed Group Study
ASA 199 Special Study