Nolan Zane

Nolan Zane

Position Title
Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Asian American Studies and Director of the Asian American Center on Disparities Research


Research Interests

Social influence effects in therapy, change mechanisms in psychotherapy, cultural influences on psychosocial interventions for ethnic minorities, dynamics of shame and loss of face in treatment, program evaluation of prevention interventions on substance abuse, and addictive behaviors among Asian Americans.


Professor Nolan Zane holds a joint appointment in Asian American Studies and Psychology. He also directs the Asian American Center on Disparities Research, the only national research center that focuses on the mental health issues of Asian American populations and communities. Professor Zane received his bachelor's degree from Stanford University and his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Washington. His research focuses on the development and evaluation of culturally based sociobehavioral interventions for ethnic minority clientele, ethnocultural moderators of change in psychotherapy, and the determinants of addictive behaviors among Asian Americans. His current research examines cultural differences in the role of loss of face and shame in interpersonal relationships with a special focus on client and care provider interactions.