EVENT: 2/28 North Pacific Studies Panel: "Migrating in Good Relation"

North Pacific Studies Panel: Migrating in Good Relation 

Wednesday February 28, 3PM - 5 PM, Hart Hall 3201 Risling Conference Room

This panel thinks through the concept of North Pacific studies, which focuses on Native peoples who live on the continents bordering the northern Pacific Ocean and have deep relations to it, ranging from Alaska to Mexico, from Siberia to the Philippines. In this panel, we consider: how do we trace pre-colonial migration, which is often documented in Indigenous story and song? How can we understand more recent migrations of Indigenous people that do not solely cast them as a result of colonialism, but gives those Indigenous peoples agency? How do power dynamics and responsibilities change when people from dominant groups elsewhere migrate to Native land? How do diasporic Indigenous people relate to the Indigenous peoples of the places they live? How do we live in reciprocal relation with the Native people of the North Pacific? How do we give power back and land back?

North Pacific Studies panel flyer