EVENT: 2/12, "Humanizing Immigration: How to Transform Our Racist and Unjust Immigration System" Bill Hing Book Talk

Aoki Seminar Series: Presents Bill Hing, Professor of Law and Migration at USF, and Professor of Law and Asian American Studies Emeritus, UC Davis

Book Talk: Humanizing Immigration: How to Transform Our Racist and Unjust Immigration System

Mon, Feb 12, 2024 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm, Lunch provided

Live or via livestream HERE

Bill Hing Book Talk Flyer

After fifty years of representing noncitizens caught up in the immigration policy and enforcement meat grinder, it’s become clear to Professor Hing that immigration enforcement must end. He has witnessed senseless emotional damage to his clients, their families, and others similarly situated because of racist and inhumane policies. So the need to abolish ICE is a no-brainer. The book is placed correctly within the abolitionist framework.

Professor expresses his frustration and reasoning through six chapters of information—including many personal stories--on: 1) racism in immigration law, 2) detention of children, 3) deportation of aggravated felons, 4) deportation of longtime noncitizen residents, 5) the unfair asylum system, and 6) the broken immigration court system. He ends with an epilogue encouraging disruption.

More information to follow. Please contact Nina Bell at nbell@ucdavis.edu with any questions.