Letters From the Chair

Letters From the Chair 

September 21, 2021

Dear Students,

On behalf of the Asian American faculty and staff, I am writing to let you know how very excited we are to welcome you back to campus, our classes, offices, and events.

We understand if you are feeling a bit anxious, or even ambivalent, about returning to campus when everything seems so tenuous and precarious.  

I just want to say that we are fully committed to creating an open and just community and supporting you in your studies, activism, and creative endeavors.  We are here for you, and will do our utmost to ensure that you feel safe and stay engaged.

This fall, ASA classes and events will be both virtual and in person.  We apologize for any last minute changes and messaging.

We hope to have in-person events come January, but for now our FALL WELCOME events will be virtual.
-API (Asian Pacific Islander) & SSWANA (South and Southwest Asian and North African) Fall Welcome, October 13, 4-6pm
-ASA Departmental Fall Welcome October 14, 5:30-7:00pm

Our four other FALL events will be:
Internship Meeting, October 19, 4-5:30pm (virtual)
Join us to learn about our internship program with ASA alumni led by Professor Ga Young Chung
Digital Storytelling in a Time of "Crisis": Migration, War, and Pandemic, Wed October 20, 4-6pm (in person at Hart Hall 3201)
Led by Professor Sunaina Maira, this event launches the digital stories of Yemeni /Arab Americans in Oakland produced in collaboration with StoryCenter. It features a screening and panel featuring scholars, activists, community members, and PhD students from a digital storytelling course: Prof. Roozbeh Shirazi (University of Minnesota - on digital storytelling with Muslim newcomer youth in France); Beshara Kehdi (Cultural Studies); Wayne Jopanda (Cultural Studies/Bulosan Center); Mohammed Elbgal (digital story participant); and Amy Hill (StoryCenter).
A&PI Community Virtual Check-ins with Tatam Phan: November 5 and December 3, 12-1pm

Our ASA offices will be opened M-R, 8-4pm. On Friday, if you want to reach Angel to get a book on reserve or Joe to ask a question about the major or courses, please email them at and

For advising consultations, please see Joe Nguyen, 3121 Hart Hall, or one of our peer advisers, Cat DeGuzman and Alexandra Slusser-Banh (office hours tbd).
Joe’s Advising Hours: M,T: 8:30-12pm; 1-3:30pm (in-person); W, R: 9-12pm; 1-3pm (on zoom); F, 9-4pm (by phone 530-752-8617).

For your mental health wellbeing and stress-related concerns and crises, please contact our staff member and CAN counselor, Tatum Phan at or 530-752-4201 to schedule an appointment.

While there is limited space in the ASA office and meeting room, it can be a space for you to study, regroup, convene a meeting, and hang out. While currently there can be no food or drink in the office and meeting room, please come by and pick up an individually wrapped snack and say hi. We are located at Hart Hall 3102 (third floor).

We encourage you to share with us your queries, concerns, ideas for events and wish list of speakers and courses as well as your accomplishments by dropping by the ASA offices or sending an email to

Wishing you good health and a fantastic school year!

Warm regards,

Susette Min


Associate Professor